Life Groups

The main aim of a Life Group is for Christians, and people interested in Christianity, to love each other, support one another through the ups and downs that life brings and share something of God's love with those in our neighbourhood. We do this by 'working round the TRIANGLE of IN-UP-OUT. 'IN' we support and care for one another; 'UP' we worship God, read and think about the Bible and pray together, and each group has some kind of 'OUT' focus which varies from group to group, but is designed to help us to live and work for God in our community.

The focus of a Life Group in some ways is the weekly meeting in someone's home, but it perhaps it shouldn’t to be. Life Groups are far more than a weekly meeting, they are a network of relationships which are meant to grow and continue the whole week long. When one person in a Life Group is in need the rest of the Life Group rallies round to support them; when one member celebrates the whole group celebrates; when one member is in pain, the rest of the group feel that pain too.

Jesus taught us to love our neighbours and that is what small groups are to be like and what they do: neighbours loving one another.

The Weekly Meeting

Once a week the members of the Life group come together to do to four things (roughly):


The meeting begins with a warm welcome, to new members and regular members alike. Normally the person whose house it's in will make some drinks and people will simply chat and get to know how each other are doing. Then the meeting will sort of begin with a simple icebreaker question to make sure everyone has a chance to say something, no matter how little, during the Life Group meeting. It's all too easy to be shy, but Life groups are about sharing our hearts and our lives.



It's not just about us. Our purpose as humans is not simply to love each other, but also to know God and to love Him too. Worship is about putting God back in the centre of our lives. Worship puts our lives into focus as we look at Jesus, remember who he is, what he has done for us, and how much he loves us.


Our lives are often a mess and our beliefs even more so, but turning to God's word provides a framework, a foundation and a purpose for our lives. The Bible is our authority as we believe that they are God’s revealing of himself and so we spend time looking at it and what it means for our lives.



Because we love Jesus and are able to experience his amazing life changing impact on who we are, we want to share that experience and that truth with other people. If we are to love each other then we will want to share Jesus with others as well. After all, if you love someone wouldn’t you want to give them something good? So the witness part of the meeting helps us to look at how we can share Jesus with other people in helpful ways.

Finally we'll finish the meeting by praying for each other and for the people we care about.