We create handouts for some of our services and courses, and will publish these here.

Foundations of the Faith 

We are preaching a series on the Basics of Christianity over Lent and Easter and we are using Tony's Basics/Refresher Course as a base for it. Each session will be here to download and use as you feel fit.  The whole series is in a ZIP file here download by right click and save target as.

The handouts will appear as the series progresses.

Session 1 - Why not answer the 20 Questions as a starter? Here

Session 2 - The person of Jesus. At this point, all you need to believe is that the New Testament, and particularly the accounts of Jesus' life are reasonably historically accurate. Find Session 2 about Jesus here

Session 3 - The Bible. This is split into two sections and both can be found here. Jesus' view of the Bible and also How we got our Bibles. Together these show how we need to use the Bible as our authority for life and doctrine, whilst realising that no one English translation, although excellent, will ever convey every nuance of the orginal text.

Session 4 - Isaiah 53. Having seen the authroity of the Scripture through Jesus' eyes, the next step is to look at a passage of the Bible. Isaiah 53 is one of the most famous prophecies about the life and death of Jesus. Find Isaiah 53 here

Session 5 - The Gospel. In this session we look at two main ways of sharing the gospel with an enquirer; firstly, the A-B-C of salvation and a series and then the better set of 'chain verses', which go through the good news using 10 or so well known texts.. Find The Gospel here

Session 6 - Assurance. How can we be sure of our salvation? How can we know God forgives and restores us? Is it possible to be 'sure'? These are the questions answered in this session. Find Assurance here.

Session 7 - The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the most misunderstood and misrepresented member of the Trinity. In this session we look at who the Holy Spirit is and what He does in our lives and the life of the world and the church. Find The Holy Spirit session here.

Session 8 - Prayer. God speaks to us in many ways, though primarily through His written Word, the Scriptures. Equally we speak to God in many ways, though primarily through prayer. Find The Prayer session here.

Session 9The Christian Life. Living for God comes at the end of this course, not because it is unimportant, but because without realising the truths of the Bible, thework of Christ on the Cross, and the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit, we will never be able to live the life god wants for us. We live in gratitude for our salvation and in the power of God, realising that we will never be sinless this side of heaven.. Find The Christian Life session here.

This course can become and adult baptism, or confirmation course with the addition of a few extra sessions on the Church of England, Confirmation and Holy Communion. There are also a few sheets to go alongside other parts of the course, such as translations of the Bible, Evidences for the Resurrection etc.  Find these extra sheets here as a ZIP.

As part of the Refresher Course Tony gives out a handout on The Names of God in the Bible. Find the Names of God here.