This is the good news of Jesus Christ who has come into the world to change the world. He confronts our rebellion towards God and offers us, by grace, his forgiveness through his death on the cross in our place. We are no longer forever condemned but are forever declared right with God and brought back to him.

From this springs our worship, fellowship and service.


The Bible is God’s written word. It is all we need in order to know what to believe and do. The “seed of the word” is the power by which, with the Holy Spirit, God’s life is generated and grows in us. We seek to engage our minds and our wills with the Bible, wanting everyone to be convinced for themselves of the truth of what it says.

From this springs our loving obedience Christ through His word.


The gospel is the good news of God’s saving grace. Through faith in Christ alone and the in-dwelling power of the Holy Spirit, God Himself forms our true identity in Christ. Our purpose now is to serve Jesus and to live in the light of His certain return.

From this springs our desire to live Christ-like lives and see his kingdom come within us, our church and our community.


The gospel produces a new, worshipping family of God’s people who, transcending age, race and gender, are brought together with Christ as the head.

From this springs our desire to be one people under God.


Christians ought to be known by their love for all, and especially each other. God creates acts of mercy to be manifested in a church that lives out the gospel.

From this springs our love and care for the weak, vulnerable and disadvantaged.


The gospel is for sharing and living out in daily life. We believe that the gospel moves people outward into the wider context: parish, workplace, school/6th form college, neighbourhood, Leigh, as well as the rest of God’s world.

From this springs our passion for God’s mission to our town.