With all our services, children are most welcome.

We cater for them especially at the 10.30am service. For further information click here


Each Sunday we start the day with a quiet communion service. This is a more traditional service which uses either the Book of Common Prayer from 1662 or the newer Common Worship liturgy. There are no hymns sung at the 8am, but a biblical sermon will always be preached. You are welcome to come along even if you don’t normally receive communion (the bread and the wine), as we would be very happy for you to come to the rail to receive a prayer of blessing.


This is our main service of the day with around 150 people of all ages (from 0-90, although older people are also welcome!). Each Sunday is something a bit different from the week before. Here's a general run down of what happens:

1st Sunday: All Age Worship
Our All Age services are activity based and suitable for all the family, we have fun, songs, games, and small group activities all centred arouind the theme for the day.

2nd Sunday: Holy Communion
Our Holy Commuinon services are all projected on the screens in church. The band lead our worship, but the organ is still used on a regiular basis as well. The children go to Sunday Groups during part of the service.

3rd Sunday: Baptism/Thanksgiving Service
A service to welcome children into the family of the church.

4th Sunday: Morning Prayer
A service centred around God's Word and worship.

6.30pm Evening Services

Sunday Evenings during the Interregnum

In preparation for the vicar’s retirement, (at which time the national church requires that no major things change), we are altering the evening service pattern.
We do not want to put too much pressure on Lloyd, who is still (until July at least) technically a curate.
So we will move from having 4 services at 6-30pm to having 2 services at 6-30pm in the evening. This will make no difference to either 8am, or 10-30am, or SVC at 4-30pm, but it will mean that Lloyd is not under as much pressure to be at more services than he ought.
So from February, the evening service pattern will be:

First Sunday

– Prayer Book service alternating between Sung Evensong and 1662 Holy


Third Sunday

– alternating between Deeper and an informal evening service.
There will be no service on the second, or the fourth or the fifth Sundays.
This will continue until a new vicar is appointed, then he/she has the opportunity to do with the evening
services whatever they want.

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Sunday Services

8:00 am / Communion Service

10:30 am / Main Service

6:30 pm / Evening Service

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